SendAnSMS – Welcome!

We are currently developing the SendAnSMS website. All SMS services are running as normal.

Custom TAGS allow you to personalize the outgoing sender name in your SMS messages. You get your first TAG free and additional TAGs only cost £1 per tag per month. You can have unlimited outgoing custom TAGs for each of your services or integrations. Send SMS with our online control panel or in your scripts using our API or using our pre-made apps such as WordPress!

Inbox keywords are a low cost affordable way to recieve SMS messages, we use a shared global mobile number for all users and use keywords to indicate where the SMS should go. For Example Send the Word “SMS” and then your message to 07860027788. This is our keyword “SMS”. Messages starting with the keyword SMS will be forwarded to our inbox.

Your first incoming keyword is Free, additional keywords cost £1.00/month per Keyword.

Our outgoing SMS credits are fixed rate at 2.9p/message +VAT. We wont ever increase the price of sending a text message, only lower it when we can! We use multiple carrier networks to provide the fastest and cheapest service, we can switch between carriers to use the lowest price SMS when sending via the nwtwork.

Automate your SMS experience and never miss a message with our automated forwarding system, forward your messages via Email, Send a copyof the message via URL to your own website database, scripts & projects or forward SMS to another mobile number of your choice. Choose to send an automated response to your clients when they send you a message, allowing you to create opt-in/out SMS schemes and much more.

With our Simple API service “sAPI” you can create your own web scripts and projects to integrate with our services and send SMS messages from your own websites and services.

Perhaps allow your website visitors to send SMS or use it in a script to authenticate a user or send them a ONE-TIME-PIN etc. Access to our API only costs £1 per month for unlimited access.